The preparation of a ZMS engine doesn’t start or end with just the engine it selves. We know just a fast engine isn’t enough to make a win. For this reason like to provide you a total package including cooling, lubrication and electronics system that is prepared up to your preferences and needs. Before we start to work and calculate the offer we first like to sit down and discuss your project and expectations. Together we go through every detail where of course we will give you our advice based on our experiences. After that, we discuss your project with our engineers in order to get a clear view of the technical side and challenges of the project. When everything is clear we start to calculate the offer for the complete project with transparency on the cost for the engine, cooling lubrication, and electronic systems. Up to you to give the final go and get us to work to prepare another fast and reliable custom made ZMS engine package to race for another win! So now you understand why a ZMS engine doesn’t carry the ZMS initials without a reason!


The last years Zomer Racing Engines department has specialized themselves in the development and engineering of high end race engines for use in several car sports categories. Besides the ZMS engine program for AutoCross, RallyCross and Race we also prepare race engines for other brands on customer wish. Reliable race engines with exceptional high performance and smooth power and torque curve . Weather it is about tuning your classic rally car or the preparation of a modern and high advanced race engine; our engineers are ready to take the challenge!


Even the best engine will only perform using a well installed and set ECU management system and proper made wire loom. Zomer has their dedicated specialists in ECU and electronic systems. We are specialized in Pectell, Motec, DTA, GEMS but of course we can also work with most other common ECU brands. Like with the engines, we prefer to deliver the electronic systems custom made. Engine loom and power loom are first engineered behind the computer to a full wire scheme with the connections to all components like ECU, dash board, data systems, relays and power boxes, battery isolators all actuators and so on. All these components are integrated and communicate over ZMS CAN protocol. This allows us to not only get the most out of the functionality but we also integrate possible fault messages and safety strategies that could possibly save engine damage in case of a failure.
So without a doubt the ZMS electronics are a valuable addition to control engine and car in most safe way to maximum results!


Highly tuned engines that need to perform under the most extreme and difficult conditions require a high sophisticated cooling and oil-lubrication system. As we like to take care for our racing engines the ZMS cool and oil lubrication systems are  always part of the engine package we offer.
In the past years we achieved a great experience in the preparation and design of dry sump oil systems for our racing engines. Special designed oil pan custom made to the angle your engine is fit in your car. Top end Autoverdi oil pumps including Spin-tric oil/air separators guarantee oil pressure and lubrication and ideal operation temperatures for oil and water under the most extreme circumstances


All engines that we build and rebuild are tested on one of het Zomer Superflow engine dyno’s for a final performance test. We have the availability of a Superflow 4x4 rollingroad to test your engine while it is fitted in your car and next to this we have 2 engine dyno stations that allow us to test any engine brand or type separate on dyno. As a standard we continuously check water and oil temperatures as well as all parameters to ensure a safe test. After a running in and warming up procedure we start with the final performance test. Because we are able to put load on your engine during a dyno run we are able to set your mapping in every throttle and rpm range until final performance is reached. During these test we measure and check lambda and exhaust gases values to check if a change on  ECU mapping is required. Our engineer have access and experience to work with the most common ECU program software like Pectell, Motec, Gems, DTA. Step by step our dedicated engineers work to fine-tune until your engine gives the best and most reliable performance. Ready to win your next race!

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Once on the track you are only there to perform. Despite your careful preparations there is always a chance of a crash or technical failure. Well, in that case its good to know that your no alone and Zomer will be aside to help you out.

During the season we frequently visit the race events. Of course because we like to see the action and keep feeling with our customers. We like  know how you’re doing and try to push your results with technical support and advice. Next to this we are ready to support you in case of technical problems and give you a helping hand to try and solve them.

As we are operating world wide in so many different championships if it is almost impossible to attend all the different events and championships. Even the biggest problem usually starts small so we find it important to try and control even the smallest issue you have.  This is why we also give technical support from our team base in Holten the Netherlands. By using Team Viewer we are able to take over your laptop and deeply check your ECU and possible failure codes. With this information we usually are able to give you some possibilities and steps to try and work to a solution. Simple and effective, so you rider doesn’t even noticed there was an issue  so he/she is ready to continue concentrating on winning the race!!

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